Alan Kaufman

Obituary of Alan Kaufman

It was no surprise to our family when the outpouring of love and sentiments were sent our way. Alan was the kindest, most thoughtful, and most generous man we have ever known. He lifted so many up in ways we couldn’t even fathom at times and yet was a behind the scenes hero supporting charities and the community in more ways than one could count. And yet, all of us know that wholeheartedly.


Although he left us far too soon, he was a fighter in every way. He fought for his family, his friends, his community, and we should all feel so honored to have been a part of his life and to have known the selfless man that he was.


But now, it is our turn to fight to keep all these wonderful memories we have of him preserved and alive. And although this is impossibly sad…dad, we will.


So where do we even begin?! The Big Roy Band and all the backyard and dive bar gigs? The family vacations to Bermuda (yes Alix, those puddle shoes will go down in infamy), or to London which was the most outrageous and incredible family trip. Or the summers spent in the backyard with music (sometimes played too loudly) as he laid in his lounge chair with one foot crossed over his knee. Or the Lion’s Club Expo and the water guns! Or the nights out to Saly G’s in town where he would never want to “dine” and yet we could easily spend over three hours at the table while he schmoozed everyone that came in to eat and had Joey pull up a chair to join us all for an apple martini with no cherries. Or the movie nights with the most unbelievable popcorn and where we all had to stay quiet otherwise the TV would be paused until we were “ready”, so we didn’t miss anything. Or the trips to the diner after our workouts (sorry Ed) to have him order a “stack of silver dollars – for the table of course”.


These memories just scratch the surface and we will continue to look forward to celebrating his life for years to come.


We will miss you Alan, more than words can even describe. May you rest easy. Until we meet again…

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