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Obituary of Ying Zhang

With great grief and sorrow, we announce our beloved mother Ying Zhang passed away on September 25, 2021 at the Morristown Medical Center in New Jersey at the age of 78. Even though our mother had lost her battle against cancer, her courage and optimism will always be admired. Ying is survived by her two daughters Hong and Jing, son-in-laws Hongbin and Feng, and three grandchildren Vienna, Ryan, and Adela. She was preceded in death of her husband Dinghai Pu and her parents.

Ying worked as an accountant for the Southwest Petroleum University in China for many years. After retirement, she came to the United States living with her daughters. Ying devoted her life to family and work. She was talented at dancing, drawing and sewing. She will be remembered for her hardworking, inner strength, warm-hearted character, and brilliant mind. She will be deeply missed by friends, family and all who knew her.

Services will be private for immediate family members. In lieu of flowers, friends wishing to honor Ying Zhang are invited to make donation in her name to American Cancer Society at: https://donate3.cancer.org/

怀着无限的悲痛,我们宣布我们最敬爱的母亲张英女士于 2021 年 9 月 25 日在新泽西州莫里斯敦医疗中心去世,享年 78 岁。尽管我们的母亲在与癌症的斗争中失败了,但她的勇气 ,乐观的精神将永远被铭记。张英的两个女儿、女婿和三个孙子孙女将永远怀念她。

张英在中国西南石油大学担任会计多年。 退休后,她跟着女儿来到美国生活。张英将她的一生奉献给了她的家庭、她的孩子和她的工作。 她擅长舞蹈、绘画和缝纫; 众所周知,她是一个诚实、勤奋、乐观, 聪明并内心坚强的人。 她的朋友、家人和所有认识她的人都会深深怀念她。

葬礼将只邀请直系亲属。 希望纪念张英的朋友可以以她的名义向美国癌症协会捐款,网址为 https://donate3.cancer.org/

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