Diane Woessner

Obituary of Diane Woessner

On Saturday, September 30, 2023, the world bid farewell to a truly exceptional spirit, Diane Woessner, at the age of 57. Embracing her final moments at Morristown Medical Center, Diane faced her battle with cancer with unmatched determination and grace.

Diane's journey began in Elizabeth and she blossomed in Union, where her infectious energy and kindness left an indelible mark. After completing her schooling at Union High, she honed her skills at The Catherine Gibb’s School of Business, obtaining an associate's degree in business administration.

Diane's professional path led her to the Interlux Marine Paint Company and later, for a decade, she showcased her immense dedication at Pettit Marine Paints. Each role she undertook was more than a job; it was an expression of her meticulous nature and commitment.

Beyond the confines of her professional realm, Diane was a wellspring of creativity. Every sketch and drawing of hers spoke volumes of her perspective on the world, and her arts and crafts painted a canvas of her colorful spirit. Her home was a testament to her elegant touch, beautifully decorated and full of life. Diane's affection wasn’t limited to people; the local deer and squirrels often found themselves beneficiaries of her generous heart.

Diane's roots ran deep. A treasured trip to Germany with her parents, relishing in the company of her aunt, uncle, and cousins during the grape harvest, remained close to her heart. And while she was the embodiment of grace and elegance, she never missed a chance to raise a playful toast with her favorite Jägermeister.

Left to cherish her memories are her loving parents, Walter and Linda Woessner; dear relatives in Germany; and a plethora of friends and extended family who found in Diane a constant source of joy and inspiration.

In honoring Diane's personal wishes, a private cremation service was held.

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